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Pets in complexes

With the ongoing trend of living in townhouse complexes and close-community living of whatever kind, it was inevitable that issues involving animals should arise.

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Animal Protection Legslation

Research in psychology and criminology show that acts of cruelty to animals indicate personality flaws and mental disturbance in the abuser.

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What are Animal Rights?

There has been some debate over the woding of the Act with many sources, including the South African Veterinary Foundation, stating that they feel the Act is too vague and requires more clarity in some regard.

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Who is Sure Breeders?

Sure Breeders is an effort to bring together healthy puppies from breeders you can trust. Puppies from honest breeders who have an interest in you. There are many stories out there from people who have been victims of puppy scams and puppy mills. Finding and adopting a puppy should be an exciting time, not a daunting process.
We are passionate about connecting you with healthy puppies from responsible breeders. You have put lots of thought and research into finding the perfect puppy. We would be honored to help you complete your search!

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Happy Puppy Owners

  • Emmanuel Moshe

    They provided prompt responses to all questions before, during, and after the adoption. They ensured a safe and reliable delivery of the puppy and stayed in touch throughout the traveling process.

  • Mary Ngwenya

    I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find the puppy just right for your home!

  • Taryn Fortuin

    Sure Breeders did an exceptional job at providing information about the puppies, the adoption process, the breeder, and the steps necessary in shipping your puppy to you!


Some health tips from professionals. We care about the health of animals, for more health tips kindly email us at info@surebreeders.com

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Does dry nose mean sick dog?

Concerned owners frequently ask if a dry nose means a sick dog, and the short answer is no. There are any many reasons for your dog to have a dry warm nose that have nothing to do with his health.

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Dealing With Dog Mange

Your dog is licking and scratching incessantly, and he's starting to lose his fur. Could he possibly have mange? While a number of conditions could be responsible for your dog's itching, it's important to arm yourself with the facts about dog mange.

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Pregnancy in dogs

If you're not planning to breed from your dog then it's best to have her spayed. If, however, you make the big decision to allow her to have puppies you're in for quite an adventure - here are a few signs that indicate pregnancy in dogs.

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